Now today, humans are bombarded by so called ‘information’ even if they do not want. So is the case with ‘information’ about health, the containing/regaining of health, wellbeing.
Only just the internet is loaded with it. Everybody should be an expert by now. Unfortunately this is not the case.
For instance big, big financial interest of for instance the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, environmental industries (coming, but not to be underestimated) and smaller groups too colour the ‘information’ or make it difficult to find real information. Power motives, politics… .
What is true, what has an element of truth in it, what makes sense and what works??? For the good willing and interested layperson but unfortunately more and more for the good willing professional too, a long and painful road to go.

Washing hands of doctors, prior to the assisting in giving birth, was about 120 years ago, an obscure business. And the colleges of Ignaz Semmelweis were very enraged at the fact that more of his new mothers survived.
Drinking lemon juice on ships of the English Royal Navy on sea journeys, lasting longer than a month, were in 1747 considered as rather typical. Yet the nickname ‘Limeys’ (used by people from abroad) could not cover up that the English sailors had more success.

Now a days not washing hands prior to the assisting at giving birth is a gross omission and Dr. James Lind′ theory has been proved sufficiently.
The question here is, which today′s obscure businesses are in the future going to be obvious.

To find out, you could look things up in PubMed, which is based on ‘the-right-to-know’ and is submitted under the ‘Freedom of Information Act’. Unfortunately you will find there a lot of scientific expressions, what does not make everybody happy. And it is not always easy to get hold of the main issues, out of the piled up facts.

About Stichting Adamanthea

Stichting Adamanthea tries in a very modest, independent, non-commercial way, to contribute to more overall health and more well being. Stichting Adamanthea choose in the first resort to give handleable information via Internet. Gratis, anonym, for everybody on each moment of the day.
Internet, although sometimes misleading, it is still the place were an as big as possible audience can be reached.
Trough Internet, Stichting Adamanthea tries to make people less helpless and give them tools for own investigations. This by integer, clear information making available, as well as possible.
Stichting Adamanthea focuses on ‘blind spots’ that afflict a broad public.

Stichting Adamanthea shows literature investigations and (informative) links from amongst others (probably less known) organisations with the same aims.

About this site

People contributing to this site are: doctor, biologist, biochemist, pharmacist, information expert.
They do not have commercial interest in this site, and try to give their opinions as open-minded and scientifically supported as much as possible.

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